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  • Esphome output. ESPHome has a feature to prevent two GPIO Switches from being active at the same time called interlocking. No data will leave your computer. For example, you define an output component together with an ID and then later specify that same ID in the light component. Apr 11, 2021 · I have spent almost half of Saturday to run 2 types of pcf8574 - one chinese one, and second from Waveshare. Defaults to false. RGB Light. Communication is done with two GPIO pins (DATA and CLK). e105 (Naveed Shaukat) April 25, 2021, 12:19pm 1. The PCA9685 component represents a PCA9685 12-bit PWM driver ( datasheet , adafruit) in ESPHome. The component is split up into two parts: the remote receiver hub which handles setting the pin and some other settings, and individual remote receiver binary sensors which will trigger when they hear their own configured signal. I have not used groups in a while, so this may not be perfect, but should get you going. ¶. command_retain ( Optional, boolean): Whether MQTT command messages sent to the device should be retained or not. This can for example be used to momentarily set a GPIO pin using a button. When nodemcu boots it turns off all relays with a chatter as I want to Modbus Controller. item ( ModbusSelect*const ): The sensor object itself. pin: number: D8. Hi, Im trying to set output. Dec 18, 2019 · Hi all, I have a garden cooling mist sprayer that needs to be pulsed at intervals. Graphical serial displays like Nextion TFT LCD Display that have their own processors for rendering. # Example configuration entry pca9685: - id: pca9685_hub1 PID Climate. The ld2410 sensor platform allows you to use HI-LINK LD2410 motion and presence sensor (datasheet and user manual) with ESPHome. There are a lot of filters that sensors support. \nMust be in range from 0 to max_power Jul 14, 2023 · The basic functionalities of ESPHome with ESP32/ESP8266 include input/output control, sensor data reading, and network capabilities. - output. With the fan domain you can create components that appear as fans in the Home Assistant frontend. Example of a brightness-only LED strip that can be used with this component. --device UPLOAD_PORT ¶. output (Required, ID): The ID of the output component to use. Use null to disable subscribing to the component’s command topic. Enable/disable device. Remote Receiver¶. ESPHome will always subscribe to a manually configured command topic, even if the component is internal. By default, all logs with a severity DEBUG or higher will be shown. cpp files if inverted is changed from true/false or even is ommited. This is esphome-devices. type: int. \n \n. # Example configuration entry dac7678 Mar 25, 2023 · Hi, I have a water level sensor successfully sending me a signal as a voltage. Uploads the firmware (over OTA or USB) Starts the log view. Which version of ESPHome has the issue? 2023. The client connects to the server and makes use of its services. xxgmxx August 13, 2019, 8:21am 1. stop Action¶ Aug 13, 2019 · ESPHome. g INFO or WARN) can help with the performance of the application and memory size. Open it using the following button then click on INSTALL: If you do not have the official ESPHome add-on repository added you can add with this button: After that, wait a bit until it is installed (this can take a while). Peacefair PZEM-004T V3 Energy Monitor. WiFi Component. Defaults to the variant that is detected from the board; if a board that’s unknown to ESPHome is used, this option is mandatory. SLAB_USBtoUART, or 192. Configuration variables: name ( Required, string): The name for the button. sony_tv_2. In the first example, this range is defined as “any value above or including 65. Goal Control the fan speed by fan PWM. yaml: voice_assistant: microphone: mic_i2s on_tts_end: - homeassistant. The esphome run <CONFIG> command is the most common command for ESPHome. Light outputs are only responsible for displaying some state when asked to do so. The PipSolar component allows you to integrate PIP-compatible Inverters in ESPHome. I can turn the sensor on with the potentionmeter, led is on, but no log on the esphome output log and no change in HA. Default to false. The on_boot section above ensures the output_high gets turned on during bootup. It uses UART for communication. If you want to create and edit ESPHome projects, install ESPHome on your computer or inside Home Jan 30, 2024 · john273621 (john912873) January 30, 2024, 4:39pm 1. Oct 21, 2021 · Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. com by @jonathanadams. I want to Peacefair PZEM-004T Energy Monitor. # Example button configuration button: - platform: name: Livingroom Lazy Mood id: my_button # Optional variables: icon: "mdi:emoticon-outline" on_press: - logger. ESPHome configs using substitutions and !include by @AlexMekkering. # Example configuration entry # Set a global i2c connection i2c: sda: 21 scl: 22 scan: true # Set the output with default (address: 0x60 / global i2c Jul 31, 2021 · Hello everyone! Share a little ESPHome project to control 4-pin PWM FAN. The remote_receiver component lets you receive and decode any remote signal, these can for example be infrared remotes or 433MHz signals. This page describes them. Then we will set up a new remote transmitter with an infrared LED (like this one) to transmit the code when a switch is triggered. and on Linux they are named /dev/ttyUSB0 , /dev/ttyACM1, etc. Example debug component output. Feb 28, 2023 · Hi, I’m trying to have a led blink when a GPIO is set high. script: - id: send_udp parameters: msg: string host: string port: int then: - lambda: |- int sock = ::socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0); struct sockaddr_in destination, source Feb 18, 2023 · Using the matrix_keypad with ESP32 pins 34~39 (input only) it uselessly complains that the pin "does not support output pin mode". You need to have a network configuration (either Wifi or Ethernet) or ESPHome will fail in the config validation stage. Define a PWM pin (I cant read your image so I’ll use my ESP8266): output: - platform: esp8266_pwm. # Example configuration entry light: - platform: monochromatic name: "Kitchen Lights" output: output_component1. The example below is an example of a custom float output; this custom output is essentially the same as the ESP8266 software PWM output. Compiles a firmware. My question is: How to i convert that to a percentage? The duty cycle sensor allows you to measure for what percentage of time a signal on a GPIO pin is HIGH or LOW. turn_off_action: - output. Just give each switch in the “interlocking group” an interlock option with a list of all the switches in the group. Expected behavior: able to use input pins only. Example: Send 50%, ESP receives 50%, fan turns slowly, however looking at the output on oscilloscope the duty cycle is about 10% , fan returns 300 rpm. Fan Component. It is possible to control the fan speed not by fan PWM, but by PWM of DC input. Sonoff POW R2 Washing Machine Sensor by Frenck. data (Required, list of bytes): The raw audio data to play. Or with some YAML anchors The output button platform allows you to use any output component as a button. Measuring an AC signal from a current transformer was very difficult requiring external Op-amps configured as ideal diodes. Then use the entity_id for the group in the entities card. RGB Light ¶. When the switch is turned on or off, the solenoid_state variable is updated accordingly. The DAC spans across two pins, each In some cases it is necessary to ensure that two outputs are never active at the same time. publish_state(true); At startup, it prints a bunch of useful information like reset reason, free heap size, ESPHome version and so on. The firmware will be compiled and a UF2 file will be downloaded automatically. The power supply component can be attached to any Output Component and will automatically output: - platform: gpio. Ideally, i’d like it to present as a switch. The first lines when viewing the UART logs might have unrecognized characters. skip_updates ( Optional, int): By default, all sensors of a All buttons in ESPHome have a name and an optional icon. To use the channels of this components, you first need to setup the global dac7678 hub and give it an id, and then define the individual output channels. 3V. # Example configuration entry switch: - platform: uart name: "UART String Output" data: 'DataToSend' - platform: uart name: "UART Bytes Output" data: [0xDE, 0xAD, 0xBE, 0xEF] - platform: uart name: "UART Recurring Output" data: [0xDE, 0xAD Sep 8, 2021 · It was too difficult to get a reliable measurement. Additional options: channel (Optional): The RMT channel The display component houses ESPHome’s powerful rendering and display engine. This component will track, for example, the temperature, humidity, moisture, conductivity, illuminance, formaldehyde, mosquito tablet and battery level of the device Dec 29, 2020 · then group them like this in HA configuration. # Example configuration entry # Set a global I²C connection i2c: sda: 21 scl: 22 scan: true # Set the output with default (address: 0x2E / global I²C Press the three dots icon and select Install. Defaults to the only one in YAML. ESPHome’s configuration files have several configuration types. - switch. ESP32: GPIO32 through GPIO39 can be used. Specifically, it will: Blink slowly (about every second) when a warning is active. state);'. . # Example configuration entry light: - platform: rgb name: "Living Room Lights" red: output_component1 green: output_component2 blue: output Please note that 1-wire is a bi-directional bus so it requires both input and output from the pin. # Example configuration entry sensor: - platform: duty_cycle pin: D0 name: Duty Cycle Sensor. Within a telegram the physical values are identified by OBIS codes (Object Identification System). On each boot, the ESP8266 will check three pins to determine in which boot mode to enter. A fan can be switched on or off, optionally has a speed between 1 and the maximum supported speed of the fan, and can have an oscillation and direction output. Read RPM data from the fan. Current working configuration: Peacefair PZEM-004T Energy Monitor. Ability to turn off the fan. RP2040: GPIO26 through GPIO29 can be used. Here is the fragment of my esphome. Plug in the board or the serial programmer into a free USB port and check if it has been properly detected by your computer. The Arduino is connected to the ESP via I²C. publish_state(): Manually cause the switch to publish a new state and store it internally. # Example configuration entry output : - platform : template id : outputsplit type : float write_action : - output. frequency: 20000 Hz. Xiaomi Mijia BLE Sensors. This core ESPHome component sets up WiFi connections to access points for you. DS102 3 Gang The power_supply component allows you to have a high power mode for certain outputs. variant ( Optional, string): The variant of the ESP32 that is used on this board. Optionally, it can be added to a SPI bus to allow sharing pins with other components. Configuration variables: id (Optional, ID): The speaker to control. It uses the I²C Bus for communication. 32v (empty) and 3. h" class MyCustomLightOutput : public Component, public LightOutput { public: void setup() override { // This will be called by App. The example below is an example of a custom light output. That’s a lot of indentation 😉 on_value_range is a special trigger for sensors that trigger when the value output of the sensor is within a certain range. SCL connects I2C SCL (clock) SDA connects I2C SDA (data) GPIO1 is not used by ESPHome. Hardware PWMs like the one on the ESP32 (see ledc) are preferred. It is recommended to use a 3. XSHUT connects to free GPIO pin. Possible return values for the lambda: return <std::string>; The new option for this Select. 0”, and the second one refers to once the humidity reaches 50% or below. io documentation files. Trying to control PWM fan using ESP8266, it works but the duty cycle output does not correspond to the requested duty cycles. It is used in some smart light bulbs: Orein OS0100411267 Apr 15, 2021 · I have manual buttons on my esp with automation (inside esphome) that turns on the light in 3 steps (20%, 50%, off). PipSolar PV Inverter ¶. PID controllers are good at modulating an output signal to get a sensor reading to a specified setpoint. We need to specify the output pin that the servo’s signal lead is connected to. But input only should be sufficient when the keypad has no LEDs (as the vast majority of keypads). You can access the coils, inputs, holding, read registers from your devices as sensors, switches, selects, numbers or various other ESPHome components and Mar 9, 2023 · Hello Anyone know how to get the current state of a float output? This is my output: output: - platform: custom type: float lambda: |- auto digipot = new DS3502_Component(0x28); App. When the switch is on, the output is pulsed for 500ms every 20 seconds. Here you specify some core information that ESPHome needs to create firmwares. For example i can't use i2c: {scl: 35, sda: 33} (which replaces D1/D2 from D1 pro mini on S2 mini). At the same time the delay of the second timing description is started and the process is repeated until the list is exhausted, in which case the timing of the last description remains in use. If it’s different from the last internal state, it’s additionally published to the frontend. # Example configuration entry sensor: - platform: adc pin: GPIOXX name: "Living Room This component can be used to create custom binary and float outputs in ESPHome using the C++ (Arduino) API. The ESP8266 Software PWM platform allows you to use a software PWM on the pins GPIO0-GPIO16 on your ESP8266. Common PWN FAN doesn’t stop on 0% PWM signal and still running on minimum RPM. 2 First, the remote code will be captured with an IR receiver module (like this one ). There are various network devices which can be commanded with UDP packets containing command strings. set_level: id: silnik_1_pwm. To use the channels of this components, you first need to setup the global pca9685 hub and give it an id, and then define the individual output channels. To fix this and debounce the signal, use the binary sensor filters: # Example configuration entry binary_sensor: - platform: gpio pin: D2 name: filters: - delayed_on: 10ms. set_level on motor using lambda function get states from number template. This modification adds a lambda function that reads the value of the global variable solenoid_state as the state of the template switch. Warnings are active when for example reading a sensor value fails temporarily, the WiFi/MQTT connections are disrupted, or if the native API component is included but no ESPHome Web allows you to prepare your device for first use, install new versions and check the device logs directly from your browser. 2 participants. The status_led hooks into all ESPHome components and can indicate the status of the device. You also can’t have both Wifi and Ethernet setup in same time (even if your ESP has both wired). The client will often be an app on a phone, or in the case of ESPHome, it Note: because the response contains data for all registers in the same range you have to use data[item->offset] to get the first response byte for your sensor. In that case the fan can be stopped, but RPM data from the fan is Aug 10, 2023 · First we will add an output component that tells ESPHome to send data to our servo. # Example configuration entry esphome: name: livingroom comment: Living room ESP32 controller area: Living Room esp32: board: nodemcu-32s. Fix gpio validation for esp32 variants martgras/esphome. With a few simple commands, you can toggle on or off your device, measure temperature, or even control it remotely to your liking! The mcp47a1 output component allows to use 6bit external DAC in order to have analog output (s) on any board by using I²C. Its between 2. Float outputs only: \n \n; min_power (Optional, float): Sets the minimum output value of this output platform. They are used to connect components from different domains. Jun 15, 2022 · Hold down the BOOTSEL button on your Pico as you plug it into your computer using a USB cable, and it should mount on your computer with a volume label like "RPI-RP2". In home assistant I have this automation (for a light, but you can use the set fan speed service): Jun 8, 2018 · Discovered while trying example from docs: ( esphome/esphome-docs#7) This config is valid, but does not work: output: - platform: esp8266_pwm id: basic_green_led pin: GPIO13 inverted: true. ESPHome. The UART is required to be set up in your configuration for this sensor to work, parity and stop_bits must be respectively NONE and 1. publish_state(false); id(my_switch). When I turn the lights on after reboot, It goes 100% brightness, but my lights are not able to work at 100% for long. stanfordcg (Carl) May 5, 2020, 7:32pm 1. QMC5883L Magnetometer. I have connected it to 3,3v from the nodemcu v3 and I2C. Once configured, you can use sensors, binary sensors, switches and outputs as described below for your projects. ID¶ Quite an important aspect of ESPHome are “IDs”. If you see “502: Bad Gateway” it is currently starting, and you can Source for esphome. turn_off: solenoid_pin_forward. set_level : id : output2 level : !lambda return state; - platform The logger component automatically logs all log messages through the serial port and through MQTT topics (if there is an MQTT client in the configuration). Radon Eye BLE Sensors. Once configured, you can use any of the 8 pins for your projects. speaker. (Store this file in WiFi Component ¶. Rotary Encoder Sensor. yml --device /Volumes/RPI-RP2. esp32_rmt: An alternative method for ESP32 that uses the RMT peripheral to send data. Available on all output pins. 1. pip install tornado esptool \ esphome dashboard config. I am new to esphome and home assistant world. Unlike the ESP32 LEDC Output, which can simulate an analog signal by using a fast switching frequency, the hardware DAC can output a real analog signal with no need for additional filtering. Example of an RGB LED strip that can be used with this component. tom_l August 27, 2019, 1:05pm 2. 168. 3V I/O level Arduino, however using 5V Arduinos seems to work Available on all output pins. API Reference. device_class: moisture. It. For example, it can be used to modulate the power of a heating unit to get the temperature to a user-specified setpoint. - globals. Resistance Sensor. PipSolar PV Inverter. I’ve seen / read and tried different ways on some topics, but these where mainly based on pulsing a switch. This page is a lite variant of ESPHome. The problem I am unable to use some gpios on esp32s2 variant because validator threats it like usual esp32. Contribute to esphome/esphome-docs development by creating an account on GitHub. set: id: solenoid_state. name (Required, string): The name for the lock. Defaults to 60 seconds. 46v (full). The DAC7678 component represents a DAC7678 12-bit 8 channel DAC with internal reference ( datasheet) in ESPHome. Validates the configuration. This is optional if there is only one VL53L0X sensor on the I²C bus and the default 0x29 address is Monochromatic Light ¶. This is for example useful if you want to manipulate the text_sensor string in some fashion. service: service: media It was primarily designed for the Home Assistant add-on, but also works with a simple command. Please first read Custom Sensor Component guide, the same principles apply here. Devices default address is 0x60 and configurable alternative is 0x61. (don’t want to see this output in HA frontend) Currently the led turns on or off, depending on the switch state. Use of hardware UART pins is highly recommended, in order to support the out-of The Arduino acts as a port expander, allowing you to use more pins than a standard ESP8266/ESP32 has. Peacefair PZEM-00X DC Energy Monitor. As our servo requires a PWM signal for control we will use the esp8266_pwm platform. // Within lambda, make the switch report a specific state id(my_switch). Increasing the log level severity (to e. I’d prefer that the actual output is not exposed to to homeassistant, to reduce the risk that the output gets turned on and left like that. Jul 30, 2020 · I created the following code in esphome: binary_sensor: - platform: gpio. The pid climate platform allows you to regulate a value with a PID controller. name: ${display_name} Rain. Choose Manual download and Modern format. But I don’t know how to get the fan speed (the float output state) for use Instructions for setting up template sensors with ESPHome. If you want to create and edit ESPHome projects, install ESPHome on your computer or inside Home Aug 27, 2019 · 3D Printer Enclosure, Home Assistant and Fan Control. id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID used for code generation. register_component(digipot); return {digipot}; outputs: - id: dc_fan_output This controls a fan, which a PID controller is using. - platform: gpio. Fundamentally, there are these types of displays: Text based displays like 7-Segment displays or LCD displays. All other options from Lock. use_write_multiple ( Optional, boolean): By default the modbus command Function Code 6 (Preset Single Registers) is used for setting the holding register if only one register is set. The command python -m esphome compile yourdevice. ESP8266 Software PWM Output. Apr 25, 2021 · Toggle gpio output at boot - ESPHome - Home Assistant Community. # Example configuration entry output: - platform: gpio pin: GPIOXX id: output1 button: - platform: output name: "Generic Output" output: output1 duration: 500ms. 176 to perform an OTA. The SML component connects to smart meters which use the Smart Message Language (SML) protocol. If your device only supports Function Code 16 (Preset Multiple Registers) set this option to true. For example, you can measure if a status LED of a pool controller is permanently active (indicating that the pump is on) or blinking. Edit this page on GitHub The SN74HC595 component allows you to use SN74HC595 shift registers as I/O expanders ( datasheet , SparkFun) in ESPHome. Note that this is a software PWM, so there can be some flickering during periods of high WiFi activity. ESPHome Web allows you to prepare your device for first use, install new versions and check the device logs directly from your browser. my code in esphome: - id: led_val. One of 0, 1, dynamic. I need to get the value (inside of esphome) of the light because if i turn on the light in home assistant the first push of the button should turn the light off if its already on. The ESP32 has bus 0 or 1 available, but the ESP32-S2 only bus 0. When the switch is off - nothing, obviously. But it is not working. Monochromatic Light. Most Arduinos use the A4 and A5 pins for the I²C bus so those pins are not available to read from ESPHome. pin: GPIO18. In simple terms, the server is implemented on the device providing services, usually these are the devices such as heart monitors, tags, weather stations, etc. id: output_high. I am successful using a ADC1115 in differential mode to measure The output from a current transformer and mains voltage. One of esp32 , esp32s2, esp32s3, esp32c3 and esp32h2. Sensor¶ The dallas sensor allows you to use DS18B20 and similar sensors. entities: - switch. log: "Button pressed". sony_tv_1. level: !lambda 'return (id(mopowanie_predkosc_silnik1). 2. When used with code below I can set the state to ON or OFF and there was output (about 3v) on pins - so the “OUTPUT” mode worked Jul 4, 2023 · It took me a long time looking at different documentation sources to figure this out, so here it is for anyone who wants to know how to output the response speech from the ESPHome Voice Assistant to a Home Assistant Media Player (not a media player in ESPHome). Does anyone knows how to do that ? BLE uses the concept of a server and a client. You can send such UDP commands from ESPHome using a Lambda in a script. Sonoff iFan02 Custom Output Example by @quazzie. 3V), or directly connect VCC to 3. The monochromatic light platform creates a simple brightness-only light from an float output component. The template output component can be used to create templated binary and float outputs in ESPHome. yml will compile ESPHome. lambda (Optional, lambda): Lambda to be evaluated every update interval to get the new value of the sensor The MCP4725 output component allows to use 12bit external DAC in order to have analog output (s) on any board by using I2C. ESPHome configs by @glmnet. ESPHome Web runs 100% in your browser. The rgb light platform creates an RGB light from 3 float output components (one for each color channel). Devices default address is 0x2E and configurable alternative is 0x3E. TTGO Esp32 Camera with display by DrZzs. ESP8266: Only pin A0 (GPIO17) can be used. Above example will only make the signal go high if When not specified, partitions are automatically generated based on flash_size. but its gets onlu number but char “%” is required how to print it with lambda at end VCC connects to 3V3 (3V3 will output 3. When this interval expires the output is turned OFF and toggles using the time_off and time_on durations for the OFF and ON state respectively. pin: GPIO19. So I'm designating the 2 pins in this case to outpout high and low. pin: D5. Manually specify the upload port/IP to use. The xiaomi_ble sensor platform lets you track the output of Xiaomi Bluetooth Low Energy devices using the ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy Tracker Hub. Click “Start” and then click “Open Web UI”. id: output_low. The firmware programming tools use a serial interface to communicate with your device. On Windows these interfaces are named COM1, COM2, etc. id: pwm_output. set_level : id : output1 level : !lambda return state; - output. GND connects to ground. To use the channels of this components, you first need to setup the global bp1658cj hub and give it an id, and then define the individual output channels . Ultrasonic Sensor for detecting if car in Garage by DrZzs. ¶ The BP1658CJ component represents a BP1658CJ LED driver chain in ESPHome. \n; inverted (Optional, boolean): If the output should be treated\nas inverted. It uses I²C Bus for communication. The ESP32 DAC platform allows you to output analog voltages using the 8-bit digital-to-analog converter of the ESP32. value: 'false'. For example, if you’re using an ATX power supply to power your LED strips, you usually don’t want to have the power supply on all the time while the output is not on. We will use ESPHome’s dumping ability to output the decoded remote code directly. Additional options: bus (Optional): The I2S bus to use. Fan Component ¶. It also allows you to get the same information as a text sensor, and to monitor the state of the ESP heap memory (free space, maximum free block size and fragmentation level) and the main-loop timing. It uses 3 wires (optionally 4) for communication. I am using my ESPHome + wemos d1 mini. . Hi I wanted to ask you, how to set max brightnes limit in the code for monichromatic light in ESPhome. Now, refer to the flashing guide to learn how to upload ESPHome to your device. setup() pinMode(5, INPUT); } LightTraits get_traits The Analog To Digital ( adc) Sensor allows you to use the built-in ADC in your device to measure a voltage on certain pins. Graphical binary displays which can toggle ON/OFF any Text Sensor Filters ¶. I have May 5, 2020 · ESPHome. Configuration variables:¶ name (Required, string): The name of the sensor. When the output is enabled, the power supply will\nautomatically be switched on too. See Also¶ Output Component. Some binary sensors are a bit unstable and quickly transition between the ON and OFF state while they’re pressed. There is no difference in the generated main. There are three boot modes: You can identify these on boot-up by looking at the UART output, the first number in the boot mode: line tells you what mode was selected. Note that you should change this if you are using an ESP32 board. (which causes logs in HA) I’ve read the docs Slow PWM Output — ESPHome but it does not work. Most importantly, this is the section of the configuration where you specify the name of the node. For example /dev/cu. Although the SML protocol is well defined, it gives a lot of freedom to the manufacturers how to store and identify the transmitted data. Run the following command to compile the led-blink configuration and flash it to the Pico: $ esphome run led-blink. I can’t run it to read the state of pins. The modbus_controller component creates a RS485 connection to control a Modbus server (slave) device, letting your ESPHome node to act as a Modbus client (master). So I need to set the limit. update_interval (Optional, Time): The interval that the sensors should be checked. QMP6988 Temperature+Pressure Sensor. ESPHome allows you to do some basic pre-processing of text_sensor values before they’re sent to Home Assistant. #include "esphome. I have tried different ESP boards, different cables. The uart switch platform allows you to send a pre-defined sequence of bytes on a UART bus when triggered. yaml: group: sony: name: 'Sony TV'. To start the ESPHome dashboard, simply start ESPHome with the following command (with config/ pointing to a directory where you want to store your configurations) # Install dashboard dependencies. I have a nodemcu connected to 8 channel relay module through SN74HC595 (shift register) as I/O expander. lz uz yg mp jz qk jq at pk rq